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Founded in 2002, by Benn Breton and Rich Cubin, Rink Specialists continues to provide high quality professional ice rink products and services to the entire ice-skating industry. Rink Specialists is the only company that can provide rink sales, installations, repairs, and ongoing operational efficiency and consulting services to customers. RS helps provide seasonal, recreational and professional ice rinks with substantial improvements to the performance of their facilities, operational readiness and ice quality. The background and knowledge of all ice rink systems allows RS to quickly address and troubleshoot problems that no one else can. With years of experience in both rink functionality and management, RS can help the growth of any current or future rink projects, from large and small venues. With vast resources in quality materials and labor, RS is able to design and provide high efficiency ice rinks at competitive prices. At heart, RinkSpecialists is a team that is passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to the ice sports industry. If your arena is facing an operational challenge, or if you are interested in a seasonal outdoor rink that is currently in use or a future project, or even a major outdoor ice hockey event, take the time to call RinkSpecialists, and let the RS crew help guide you to a successful season. No project is too big or too small for RinkSpecialists, call today!

Memorable Experiences

Rink Specialists specializes in Outdoor Ice Hockey Events. As the success and the excitement of the annual NHL Winter Classic event continues to be the desire of every NHL city, Rink Specialists has had the honor of designing, constructing and managing many other successful outdoor ice hockey events. These projects require the highest level of planning and execution and have forged lifelong relationships with our partners. More importantly, our experiences have provided solid foundations and proven technologies to help ensure that our next partners share in all the successes of our prior projects.


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